Opportunity knocks for learning, for travel, for connecting, for relationship building, for putting ideas to action, and more.   Partnership2Gether promotes people-to-people relationships through cultural, social, medical, educational and economic programs.  We, along with 14 Federations, partner with communities in the Western Galilee including Akko and Matte Asher and with Budapest to create shared experiences. 


How about joining an online book group or adult education sessions with members from our partnership cities?   Or be part of professional exchange program for physicians, teachers, artists, nurses, social workers, nurses, just to name a few possibilities?  Or host guests from the Western Galilee or Budapest who visit Springfield to present a program?  


How does it work?  We’ll publish in the newsletter and post program opportunities on our website.  If you’re interested, let us know.  The opportunities evolve from ideas or passions of members working with other members of our Partnership communities, including the Western Galilee and Budapest.  It’s a collaborative committee process to develop the program goals, objectives, details and budget.  These are    presented at the Annual Communities Council Meeting attended by members from each community and led by volunteer US and Israel Co-Chairs and voted on by partnership members. 


Who is part of our Partnership?  The Western Galilee is described as a diverse community, in Israel’s northern periphery, that is home to Druze, Muslims, Christians, and Jews.   Budapest is said to be experiencing a rebirth of its Jewish culture, due to the curiosity and driven by people in their 20’s and 30’s.  We link to these communities along with Federations from Dayton, Toledo, Youngstown, Ohio; Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Northwest Indiana, South Bend, Indianapolis, Indiana; Des Moines, Iowa; Omaha, Nebraska; Buffalo, New York; Austin, Fort Worth, and San Antonio, Texas. 


Upcoming Opportunities with more in the pipeline:


Partnership Summit – July 13 and 14 in South Bend, Indiana.  It’s an opportunity to meet members, learn more about partnership opportunities and celebrate successes


Partnership Discovery Trip to Western Galilee and Budapest – October 27 to November 4.  deadline to sign up is July 1, 2019. 


Learn2Gether – October 2019 - an opportunity to connect, study, and get to know friends from US, Western Galilee, and Budapest, while exploring the beauty of Jewish culture through rich modern and Jewish texts. 


Book Club Sessions – October 2019 – Six online sessions throughout the year discussing 6 books chosen by program champions.